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Sofa Cleaning Services in Pune

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Deep Cleaning Services in Pune

Sofa has been the most comforting thing for your family and guests but It’s fabric absorbs dust particles, stain and other substance on sofa make it dirty. No matter how much you take care to keep your sofa spotless or stain proof, you can never win the battle against dust brought by various activities. Some stains are so stubborn and they need special treatment to remove. To cure your sofa of such issue, our certified technicians and technically enhanced tools helps you for deep cleaning of your sofa without making any mold or harm to the fabric.

The regular Sofa cleaning of the necessary because of dust and bacteria it’s also comes under the upholstery cleaning. It is important to prevent sofas and chairs not only from stains and dirt but it can also be embedded with the fibers. We can’t see all the dust particles that are embedded with the fiber because of its fineness, but it is there and it is necessary to remove them to maintain the upholstery.
Dust particles can easily be trapped in the upholstery and the hard surfaces would look scuffed if they are not cleaned properly. Permanent and temporary stains can also degrade the image of an organization. All the cushions, couches and sofas should be cleaned properly

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What we provide

  • Dry cleaning: the first step need to do is vacuum the sofa to remove all dust, stains, food crumbs and any dirt from sofa
  • Detergent: our professional AFMS team use detergent cleaning solution for cleaning sofa, it removes all stains, dirt and smells from sofa clearly.
  • Wet vacuum: after detergent cleaning there need of wet vacuum for remove all detergent and dirty water from sofa and dry it completely.
  • Sanitizes : our professional team provides special cleaning solution to clean and sanitizes the sofa, this remove dirty smells, stains and remain dirt from sofa.