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Office (Commercial) Deep Cleaning
Office Deep Cleaning Services in Pune

Since we spend most of time at office work, it is important to keep office space clean and hygienic to breathe fresh air and keep atmosphere healthy. Many commercials use office cleaning service to keep surrounding dirt free, the cleaning is limited to moping floor, vacuuming carpet and wiping dust, but it’s not enough to get rid of dust, dirt, grime and other substance from curtain, floors and office furniture. Well AFMS office cleaning services in Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad provide you cleaning service at commercials with our professionals and talented workers. We clean all office equipment, office floors and office windows with our best techniques and methods.
Regular normal office cleaning is done to clean and improve the quality of existing equipment, carpet, furniture and curtains. And besides office deep cleaning services ensures that each and every part of office is cleaned and sanitized. We can also schedule our services whenever and wherever you want in Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad. 

What we provide for office deep cleaning

1. Office deep cleaning
Moping and vacuuming floors to clear all dirt and dust from floors, after moping wet cleaning easy to done. Wet cleaning of sofa, curtains and carpet is done by shampooing or by using detergent. Our workers also do work such as wiping desk, tables, computer, cleaning wardrobe and cabinet, kitchen stuff, washrooms tiles, mirror and washbasin and all office walls cleaning.
2. Office chair, tables cleaning
Dust and dirt clean from chair, sofa and curtains by vacuum machine, then special wet cleaning method done through shampooing or by using detergent. After scrubbing and washing it will take few hour to extract water and dry clean. It clears all dirt from chairs, sofa and curtain and make it shine.
3. Office carpet cleaning
Every carpet needs to be vacuumed firstly to remove all dust, dirt and other substance from carpet. After removing dust from carpet we wash it through shampooing and clean all dirt and stain from carpet. It can bee dry within few hours with our dry cleaning equipment.

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